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Runner Runner

2 Ekim 2013

Tuba Nur Gediman

Brad Furman’s Runner Runner has been released in Turkey. The main character Richie (Justin Timberlake) applies online gambling in order to afford his tuition and he loses all his money. Assuring that the one who has been playing with Richie is cheating, he flies to Costa Rica and finds the owner of poker website, Ivan Block (Ben Affleck.) Things change when Block offers Richie to stay in Costa Rica and work for him and finally become super rich.

This is all we see in the trailer. It’s appealing right? A few popular actors whom we love, a topic that is familiar from the movie 21, a young director who proved himself with The Lincoln Lawyer. So far so good. Then you step into cinema and there it is. An endless, boring, silent movie. The actors that you admired in many movies are acting like amateurs. Scenario and especially catchwords are less than original. Camera bounds so badly that sometimes you tend to think that cameraman is running after the actors.

Shortly, if it’s a bad day and you have absolutely nothing to do this movie is just for you J.

Reminder  When Christian Bale declared that he won’t be acting on the fourth movie of Batman series, Ben Affleck took the job. But the audience wants to see Bale in the fourth movie too. So, Affleck has been treated awfully by the audience since then. We were expecting Affleck to prepare well for the movie but then this Runner Runner disaster has happened. We’ll see what happens next.


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