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The Fault in Our Stars

7 Ekim 2013

Tuba Nur Gediman

The John Green legend is getting bigger and bigger. He has become one of the most popular authors around the world. We can see how amazing he is in his YouTube channel or tumblr page. You love the books even if it is not your style because you simply love Green. It is impossible not to.

Green’s first book Looking for Alaska not only woke up a giant reader mass, it also won many awards. After writing 3 other novels, Green boomed The Fault in Our Stars in 2012. The book hit the number #1 on every chart and its lovely cover took its place on everyone’s tumblr page.

As we know, everything supernatural is popular nowadays. It is like we are all living with vampires, werewolves and zombies. As these are the trend topics, movie scenarios and books tend to be about them. The originality of The Fault in Our Stars lies right here in this point. It is fearlessly down-to-earth among all the supernatural characters and stories. You read the realities of real world.
The main character of the book is 16 year-old girl Hazel Grace who has been fighting with cancer for some time. Not to upset her parents, she attends to a support group for teenagers with cancer although she finds it incredibly boring. She meets a 17 year-old boy named Augustus Waters in support group. Two cancer teenagers’ lives cross and a totally credible, almost breathing story starts. No more spoilers because the book “demands to be read.”

For me, the best thing about the book is the idea of metaphors. August does believe in metaphors and he includes many metaphors in his life. For instance, Augustus uses cigarettes, he puts a killing thing right between his teeth, but he doesn’t light it, doesn’t give it the power to do its killing. It was absolutely my favorite part in the book. Also there is a book-in-a-book thing which makes the book almost perfect. There is Hazel’s favorite book named An Imperial Affliction written by Peter Van Houten. This book suddenly ends in the middle of events and even a sentence. By the way, Peter Van Houten and naturally his book come completely from Green’s imagination. I’m telling because it is depicted so realistically that I searched if he and the book exist. They don’t (unfortunately.)
Good news for its lovers; The Fault in Our Stars’s movie is coming in 2014 (let’s hope it doesn’t fail like many great-book-based-movies.) John Green pops up in film set many times and spends time with the crew. They spent a week with children with cancer and some of them will be seen in the movie as the children in support group. It really is impossible not to love Green. I mean seriously, how many authors swing with his characters right?